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Complete JavaScript Guide – Text Based RPG – Beginner



  • A web browser
  • A basic editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code << This is )


This course is designed for students who know nothing about or even code. In it, we will cover all of the basics of and learn all of the tools we will need to create our very own text- role playing game.

The tools we will use are completely free, so there is no additional cost to taking this course.

Throughout the course, there is a huge emphasis on self-directed application. I will teach you a concept, detail what you need to create, then set you free to create it for yourself. Can’t figure it out? No problem! I offer fully responsive support throughout the course and review each assignment with you using my examples.

This course will launch you into the world of Javascript in a fun and exciting way.

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginners to all things code
  • Students aiming to become web developers/software engineers
  • Students who love a solid Role Playing Game

Created by Caleb Aston
Last updated 11/2017

Size: 650.64 MB


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