Comprehensive Alexa Skill Development Course (2018 Updated) .



June 11, content for new Amazon developer console and new AWS lambda function interface.

*** This is the first online course on Skills ***

Welcome to comprehensive Alexa Development course. You want to learn how to develop skills for Amazon’s Alexa? This course is for you.

It is perfect time to learn Alexa Skill Development. Soon there will be lot of requirement for Alexa Skill Developers, as many companies wants to add Alexa voice control to their products and services. This comprehensive Alexa Skill tutorial teaches required skills to become Alexa Skill Developer.  This course covers almost all features of Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) with real-world example skills (including a published skill), which includes 47 Lectures, source code and 9.5 hours of content.

Here are few highlights of the course:

  1. Learn how to develop skills using both Lambda function and Web Service as an end point.
  2. Node.js tutorial – In case you are not familiar with Node.js coding, this course teaches required knowledge on Node.js to develop Alexa Skills.
  3. Coding from scratch – For the first skill, we will not be using any templates. We will start with empty file and code line by line, so that you will understand how the whole Alexa Skill flow works end to end.
  4. Learning by example – I believe in learning by example, so we will be learning and exercising features of Alexa through developing skills.
  5. Beginner to Expert – I carefully designed this course, such that it works for all levels of students.
  6. Learn how to setup your local environment and AWS CLI, so that you can automate the process of uploading Alexa Skills from your local machine
  7. Account linking feature – In this course, you will be learning how to use account linking feature of Alexa Skills kit, so that you can link Alexa user with the user in your system. We will be developing a skill called ‘Email checker’ using this feature.
  8. Learn how to develop skill using Node.js and Python languages.
  9. Learn most of the features of Alexa Skills Kit like:
    1. SSML tags
    2. Including card in your response
    3. Sessions feature
    4. Built-in intents and slots
    5. Account linking feature
  10. Learn how to setup your local environment and AWS CLI, so that you can automate the process of uploading Alexa Skills from your local machine
  11. Learn to do automated testing of your skills using Mocha test framework and Python Unittest.
  12. Learn FLASK-ASK framework – For developing skills using Web Service as end point.
  13. Learn how to access external database like AWS DynamoDB from your Alexa Skill to store per user information
  14. Learn how to access external APIs from your Alexa Skills

Please feel free to checkout course content and preview videos to know about this course.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for developers who wants to develop and publish skills for Alexa
  • This course is for hobbyists who wants to add custom skills for their Amazon Echo

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