Data Science Career Guide – Interview Preparation .


  • An understanding of Probability and Statistics
  • Programming Experience in either Python or R
  • Experience in SQL
  • An understanding of Machine Learning Algorithms


According to Glassdoor, a as a Scientist is the best job in America! With an average base salary of over $120,000, not only do Scientists earn fantastic compensation, but they also get to work on some of the world’s most interesting problems! Scientist positions are also rated as having some of the best work-life balances by Glassdoor. Companies are in dire need of filling out this unique role, and you can use this course to help you rock your Scientist !

This course is designed to be the ultimate resource for getting a career as a Data Scientist. We’ll start off with an general overview of the field and discuss multiple career paths, including Product Analyst, Data Engineering, Data Scientist, and many more. You’ll understand the various opportunities available and the best way to pursue each of them. The course touches upon a wide variety of topics, including questions on probability, statistics, machine learning, product metrics, example data sets, A/B testing, market analysis, and much more!

The course will be full of real questions sourced from employees working at some of the world’s top technology companies, including Amazon, Square, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, AirBnb and more!

The course contains real questions with fully detailed explanations and solutions. Not only is the course designed for candidates to achieve a full understanding of possible interview questions, but also for recruiters to learn about what to look for in each question response. For questions requiring coded solutions, fully commented code examples will be shown for both Python and R. This way you can focus on understanding the code in a programming language you’re already familiar with, instead of worrying about syntax!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to prepare for a Data Interview
  • Anyone interested in a career in Data Science

Created by Jose Portilla
Last updated 12/2017

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