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Learn Tuple Objects,Sets,Functions and Parameters in Python .


  • Basic Knowledge on Computers
  • Basic Knowledge on Programming


In this Course will clearly explain about Tutorials Training with Below Topics

  • Object
  • Properties of Tuple Object with examples ,working with while and for loop
  • Tuple Builtin Methods
  • Disadvantages of Tuple Object
  • Difference between List and Tuple
  • What is meant by set?
  • working with union operator and union method
  • working with intersection operator and intersection method
  • working with Difference operator and Difference method
  • working with Symmetric operator and Symmetric  method
  • Drawbacks of set
  • Set Comprehension
  • About Dictionaries
  • Dictionary Comprehension
  • Functions Introduction
  • Function  Synt ax
  • Functionality of Function ?Function calling and function defining
  • in Functions
  • Types of Parameters?Non default parameters with example
  • Default Parameters
  • Some Test cases using Default and Non Default Parameters
  • Arbitary Parameters
  • combining non default and arbitary parameters
  • Arguments ?Types of Arguments?Non key word arguments?
  • Key word Arguments
  • Some Test cases regarding Keyword and non keyword arguments
  • combining arbitary and  key word arguments
  • Return Statement

Who is the target audience?

  • Any one who want to become a Professional in Python
  • Any one who want to become a Programmer in Python

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