The Perfect SEO Optimized Article To Rank Page 1 In Google .


  • You should know how to use a computer at a beginner level


The first and most important step of any online business is making sure you have the right keywords to build your whole foundation upon.  Without knowing the right search terms for your niche, all the optimization in the world wouldn’t help you higher or get more traffic. So we start there, first!

A perfectly  can bring in 00’s or even 000’s of hungry visitors looking to buy something. So once you know the terms, phrases, topics (aka keywords) you’ll be writing on, we dive into the topic of optimization for each and every article you make. All of my articles rank well in because I follow these ideas. They only focus on a single keyword or long tail keyphrase at a time, thus allowing me a better opportunity to rank well in search engines.

Once you know how to write these articles, I’m going to give you a simple life-hack that will cut your writing time by 86%!!!

Who is the target audience?

  • Bloggers
  • Entreprenuers
  • Online Marketers
  • Anyone looking to rank their articles & blog posts high in Google, Bing & Yahoo’s search engines

Created by Zach Miller
Last updated 8/2018

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